Two reasons why I decided to pick “The Queen’s Gambit” as my new favorite TV Series are chess and Anya Taylor-Joy.

In short, the story portrays an orphan and a prodigious introvert Elizabeth Harmon, who masters the game of chess in the 1960s USA. With her ability, she, on the other hand, troubles herself with an addiction to tranquility and alcohol.

I am not going to write a long review for the show — you just can easily google it and find tons of reviews out there. …

One thing that scares me is living a life without a sibling.

It comes to my thoughts that living as a single child in a family is tough. To me, the existence of a sibling is paramount for sharing purposes. It can be from some trivial stuff, like video games or serious ones, like a family load.

A sibling is a personal peer to share some personal matters that you can’t share with your parents. Don’t get me wrong, but some stuff is just not quite relevant to be shared with parents. You know, sometimes, parents just can’t relate to…

Satu hal di hidup ini yang saya sadari adalah: semakin manusia bertambah tua, semakin sempit lingkungan pertemanan mereka. Hal ini seperti berbanding terbalik dengan apa yang saya pikirkan dulu ketika masih kecil.

Logikanya, semakin kita dewasa, jangkauan main kita akan semakin jauh. Lalu, akan bertambah banyak juga orang-orang yang kita temui. Awalnya saya berpikiran banyaknya orang yang saya temui ini akan menambah luas lingkungan pertemanan.

Tapi, yang saya rasakan nggak kayak gitu. Nggak semua orang yang saya temui bisa jadi teman. Apalagi jadi teman baik.

Photo by Alejandro Cartagena 🇲🇽🏳‍🌈 on Unsplash

Ada beberapa nama yang menjadi teman baik saya. …

Day 9 of the “30 days of writing challenge”. Today’s theme is a story about happiness.

I believe each of us has different ways to define happiness. It’s arguably a subjective matter. To me, there are certain levels in reaching the meaning of happiness.

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

First, it means all about me. Understandably that we as humans have our egoism. How high the egoism level varies for each person. I think people shall be happy once they can satisfy their egoism echo.

Second, the next level of happiness is when I am done with my self. Once my selfish level is enough…

I should tell you from the beginning. I don’t know sh*t about music. The chords, the melody, to sing a song, to play the instrument — you name it. I have no capability in doing such things.

But don’t get me wrong, I like music a lot. But excuse my knowledge on the music stuff — I will not write a story about music from an expert view. Since I am not an expert on that.

To me, music means everything. It can be a way to play moments, to pause the memories, to stop the pain, and to rewind…

Adalah ungkapan ‘kesayangan’ Agus ke salah satu sahabatnya, Doni, di film Jomblo (2006). Day 7 dari #30daysofwritingchallenge. Enjoy!

Sering saya temui beberapa teman atau kenalan memandang sebelah mata film-film Indonesia. Alasan mereka biasanya karena kualitas film. Melalui segi apapun menurut mereka nggak banget.

Padahal menurut saya, nggak semua film Indonesia layak untuk diperlakukan demikian. Ada beberapa karya sineas tanah air yang menurut saya bahkan memukau. Memang harus diakui banyak juga yang tidak sesuai harapan.

Nonton film adalah salah satu hobi saya. Dari genre apapun, kecuali horror. Saya nonton film-film berat yang membuat penonton mikir. Tapi, favorit saya adalah film ringan…

In Southeast Asia culture, Indonesia especially, people define the perfect life is living life as a husband-wife partner. No matter how rich and successful you are in your career journey, if you are still single, your life is not perfect yet. It sounds unfair to limit the definition of a perfect life. I know. But, if that’s the most common belief in the society where you are living, what can you say?

Day 6 of the #30dayswritingchallenge asks for a personal topic: single and happy. Quite sensitive to write here, right? But, I accepted the challenge already. …

Day 4 of my #30dayswritingchallenge. In this section, I will be writing my story in Bahasa Indonesia. I think it will be more relevant to the story that I share.

Saya sering malu dengan diri sendiri. Sudah pernah travelling ke negara-negara luar sana, tapi terbatas sekali pengalaman saya berselancar di negeri sendiri. Banyak teman dan keluarga yang suka mengejek saya.

“Paris aja udah lo kunjungin, masa ke Padang aja belum pernah.”

atau, “Eh, seriusan lo Rief belum pernah ke Lombok? Udah jauh-jauh main ke Amsterdam, tapi belum pernah ke Dieng? Astaga.”

Saya pernah tinggal di Rotterdam untuk kuliah, lalu di…

This story is a part of the#30dayswritingchallenge project that I am working on now, with today’s topic is “a memory”. You can find my other stories on my profile.

I worked in a blue-chip Danish shipping line company. My placement was in Jakarta.

After more than a year served as Care Business Partner, I got my dream role to switch to an Account Manager position in January 2019. It was in the Sales department. …

Today is Day 2 of my participation in the #30dayswritingchallenge.

Today’s topic is writing a piece concerning things that make me happy.
I froze for a while by staring with my blank eyes on my laptop screen, thinking of things that can make me happy.

Until finally, out of tons of things that might stimulate happiness to me, I have decided to pick up these two: Manchester United and coffee. Two things that sound irrelevant to be partnered. Those two are not even related and interchangeable by definition in any way. …

Arief Effendhi

Crafting Stories for Therapy

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