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  • Tita


    A reporter by day and a poet with a blaster by night. My writings here are not affiliated with my employer.

  • Sophie Yang

    Sophie Yang

  • Maylene Cantata

    Maylene Cantata

    kindly check our taiwanese food tiktok page as well @eatwithus.tw that means a lot🥰

  • Shubhi Rofiddinsa

    Shubhi Rofiddinsa

    Conveniently Mundane. Voice behind Tepak Bulu.

  • Boateng Sekyere

    Boateng Sekyere

    Valuer | Photographer | Writer. Grab a free guide on how to write more engaging articles here: https://bit.ly/writ-guide

  • Ammar Yasir Jayyid

    Ammar Yasir Jayyid

    Desain Kriminologi Visual | Podcast Suara Cacing bit.ly/SuaraCacing | letterboxd.com/mmaryasir | dribbble.com/mmaryasir

  • Raditya Dika

    Raditya Dika

    Penulis yang lebih suka kopi daripada air putih.

  • Stephanie 🐾

    Stephanie 🐾

    Femme fatale. Happy go lucky full-time traveller and writer based in the Southern Indian Ocean. Crime survivor and criminologist. African diaspora historian.

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