Day 0 — Knock Knock! I’m Coming Back

Been a while since the last time I wrote an essay. My last story on Medium was 3 months ago.

To me personally, to be consistent in writing is the most difficult thing in life. Even though I clearly understand the benefits of it by making it a routine. Yes, writing can be a powerful tool for therapy — say one positive thing of writing. This is rewarding. You just can’t deny it. But, it seems that the level of productivity of a good writer is not based on coercion, right? Especially if you do it just for having fun. Not making it a profession.

Now I come back to Medium. Because I have something to say. Not really serious stuff to learn or something that I force you to do. I don’t want to patronize you.

Frequently surfing on Twitter, I found many interesting things. One of them is a challenge from an account that suddenly appeared on my Twitter timeline named “30 Days Writing Challenge”. I don’t know that Twitter account personally. He also didn’t ask me to take part in this challenge. However, it is just my feeling that I got a call to join this challenge.

The picture says it all about the challenge. Within 30 days, I will write 30 essays. 1 day for 1 essay. What I think now before starting with my Day 1 is… how to force yourself to write a word if you are not in the mood? How to beat inconsistency? How to write some quality stuff when you need to do it within a little time span?

But yeah, tf with the mood. Who cares about the best quality essay. When I worked as a company officer from 9 to 5, sometimes I didn’t have a mood to even go to the office for work — but I did it. Also, my earlier projects as an officer were not as perfectly great as I wish, nevertheless, again I finish them all. I see the same situation here. More or less.

Enough to explain to you why I am here again? :)

Again, to me personally, the project will not be an easy task. Since consistency has become my big enemy. But I consider this challenge as a small project that needs to be conquered. I will start my Day 1 from tomorrow (02 Nov 2020).

It is my hope that I can complete the challenge.

Crafting Stories for Therapy