Three Levels of Happiness

Day 9 of the “30 days of writing challenge”. Today’s theme is a story about happiness.

I believe each of us has different ways to define happiness. It’s arguably a subjective matter. To me, there are certain levels in reaching the meaning of happiness.

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

First, it means all about me. Understandably that we as humans have our egoism. How high the egoism level varies for each person. I think people shall be happy once they can satisfy their egoism echo.

Second, the next level of happiness is when I am done with my self. Once my selfish level is enough satisfied, it’s time to think of a social perspective. It’s time for others. I have grown up pretty well until today in my late twenties. Life has taught me many things since then — new insights, knowledge, or any excessive stuff — you name it. Those things are perhaps what some people lack off. Transferring anything that I own to others automatically triggers my happiness. Because sharing with others will leave good vibes that eventually stimulate happiness.

Third, it’s all about my connection with God. Since I believed in God, happiness can’t be view distinctly from him. I can’t live without him on every occasion. I feel peaceful once I keep myself close to him. Sometimes, when I was lost — keeping a distance from him or feeling just not right, it’s a time for praying. In every chaos occurring in life, there are always some ways to be back on the track. One of them is communicating with God — ask for guidance.